Black Pit BBQ is a mobile food trailer operating out of Lynchburg, Virginia, and surrounding areas, serving up our own take on authentic BBQ inspired by flavors and traditions of the South.

Influenced and adapted by many cultures, BBQ can take on different meanings to everyone. This traditional cooking method of heating meat over a hot fire has been around for centuries. There is something about BBQ that warms the heart and brings the people together. Its now our turn to share our traditions with our community and what BBQ means to us.

Russel and Shannon met working in a restaurant in West Philadelphia and have been inseparable since. Our passion for food and our love for our furry black pit bull, has inspired the concept behind Black Pit BBQ. What started as back-yard hobby sparked us to compete in BBQ competitions and ignited our dream in starting Black Pit BBQ.


As for our name, Black Pit BBQ is named after our very own black pit bull, Eddie. Pit bulls often face criticism and are very misunderstood in our society. We want to educate our community and bring back a positive view around this breed, combatting misaligned stereotypes.

One of our ongoing goals is to be able to raise money to donate to both local and national organizations dedicated to helping and rescuing pit bulls. We want to help change the perception about pit bulls, clearing the way for them to have lives devoid of discrimination, with better and safer futures ahead.